Health & Safety


Valentine Underground Services diligent in providing all the necessary means and resources for a healthy and safe working environment.Valentine Underground Services Ltd. promotes and implements safe handling practices to insure the health and safety of workers, visitors as well as the surrounding community.

Valentine Underground Services Ltd. has developed and continuously monitors our Health & Safety policy to ensure our safety objectives are being met or exceeded. This program includes policies, procedures and rules that encompass various areas of health, safety and emergencies. To do otherwise would put our clients, employees and the community at risk.

Our Health & Safety policy / program meets or exceeds the industry standard. Our policy includes standardized forms, inspections, audits, assessments as well as a process for review. We continuously develop and improve our policies and ensure they are abided by.

Additionally we offer ongoing training and review of the Health and Safety Program with all our employees. We sincerely care about the well-being of our employees as well as the community, and feel it is our moral and ethical responsibility to consistently update and implement our safety program.

Valentine Underground Services Ltd. closely monitors the Ontario Health and Safety policies in order to keep up to date with the latest regulations and procedures. We enforce these policies to ensure that our company provides our workers, and people around our workers with the safest possible work environment.

A copy of the Valentine Underground Services Ltd. Health and Safety Policy is available upon request. Any questions regarding Health and Safety please contact us at 905-864-0901: